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This form queries a 10MB MySQL database of the 178,691 legal tournament Scrabble words (TWL2006) and returns the anagrams along with their definitions. jQuery uses AJAX to query the same database for autocomplete possibilities. The use of '?' for blanks is not yet implemented.

ANESTRI ANESTRUS, a period of sexual dormancy [n]
ANTSIER ANTSY, fidgety (nervously restless) [adj]
NASTIER NASTY, offensive to the senses [adj]
RATINES RATINE, a heavy fabric [n]
RETAINS RETAIN, to keep possession of [v]
RETINAS RETINA, a membrane of the eye [n]
RETSINA a resin-flavored Greek wine [n -S]
STAINER one that stains (to discolor or dirty) [n -S]
STEARIN the solid portion of a fat [n -S] : STEARIC [adj]
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